Bad Christmas

So I decided to migrate my account this week from Who’s That Purl to Jem Arrowsmith but I got a bit confused and don’t think I did it right as in the process I lost all of my previous followers and likes, doh! So here I am again starting from scratch…

It’s been a fairly productive week as I have found myself a tech editor to look at my patterns so hopefully I am on my way to getting the ball rolling with releasing some patterns soon. I have 3 in the pipeline, including the sea urchin design that I posted about last week, so watch this space!

Last year my friend told me that she would really like me to make her a ‘bad’ Christmas jumper, you know the kind, loud, busy and totally over the top! The trouble is she didn’t tell me this until mid-December so there was no hope in me getting anything done in time. And so it’s mid-October already and I fear I am in the same predicament again….When does it switch from having all the time in the world to realising that you probably should have been thinking back in summer about all the knitting you want to accomplish by Christmas! So it’s looking like a full blown jumper is off again this year but not wanting to let my lovely friend down I have decided to go down the accessory route. The only wish she has is that it must contain a penguin.

So the internet research has begun and I know this has been done many times before but I had to share with you some of my all time favourite bad Christmas knits!


I don’t know what I like most about this one – the playful cat, the splashes of tartan or the sheer delight on this man’s face at wearing such an amazing vest!


Next comes this little beauty. Check out the hula hoop for full Christmas tree effect – genius!!


Or how about a knitted santa hat and beard combo – you simply can’t go wrong with this!


This one almost leaves me lost for words…. I know, lets decapitate a poor rudolf, cut off his arms and legs and sew him to a jumper. I don’t know if this one is more Christmas Cheer or more halloween horror!


And in case you were wondering how much Christmas can you cram onto one  jumper, the answer is here. This has to be the ultimate. Just WOW!

So I think I have more than enough inspiration to be getting on with for now!!

But I  couldn’t leave without sharing this little gem too….


Happy Christmas knitting everyone!!