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Blogging 101 Update, Kitchen wins and a Jelly fail

I have been a bit rubbish the past week on keeping up with the Blogging101 daily challenges. But now I’m back and here is what has been happening!

Blogging 101

I experimented with trying out different themes last week, so much so that I lost about 4 hours last Monday night playing about with themes, backgrounds colours, images etc only to pretty much return to my original theme but this time with added header photo. Ha!

On my list of things to do this week is play about with widgets, strike up some conversations and have a look at blogrolls. The latter I am looking forward to getting to grips with as (if I understand the brief correctly) it allows you to follow other blogs that aren’t on WordPress. I have visited quite a few other blogs in the past which I have really enjoyed reading but not figured out a way to link them apart from signing up via email.

Wins and Fails in the Kitchen

In my last blog I was all excited about our new chilli plants and had a few ideas up my sleeve of what I was going to try to make. I am pleased to report that my attempt at Young & Hungry’s Chilli Chicken was a success!

First I mixed up all the spices and chilli’s.


Then added the chicken


Then cooked in the oven – it was so simple and tasty!


I also made Chilli and Cheese Straws with a tried and trusted recipe from an old Be-Ro book. The yellow chilli’s are the scotch bonnets – super hot!


Here are the finished straws! They didn’t last very long, Mr A was going on a stag do and needed to eat them all to line his stomach….hmmmm….


And for my final show and tell…..

I have been to Bath this weekend for my best friends hen do. It was flipping brilliant. We hired a house and had a bit of a party and this is what we wanted to make – vodka jelly worms! They look simple enough right?

2014-09-18 11.52.45

However this what we actually made….


They were half-worms, but least they tasted good!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Update, Kitchen wins and a Jelly fail”

  1. Jem, the chilli chicken looks so tasty, those fresh chillies are amazing! Thank you for the support and for cooking my recipe, those straws look divine ❤ xxx

  2. The straws came out ok actually – better than I was expecting! We are still on a mission to use up the chilli’s and I have just seen your Thai Noodle Bowl recipe….I think I might give that one a try soon! xx

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