Sunday Stitches

Sunday Stitches – Woven Fabric and Long Ladder and Cable Stitch

It’s been a busy week in the run up to Christmas (only 3 days to go – eek!) but in between shopping, partying and eating all of the mince pies I have still managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting 🙂 The samples this week are a simple slip stitch woven fabric pattern and a long ladder and cable pattern from The Stitch Library by Claire Crompton.

Woven Fabric

Knitted Woven Stitch

Worked over an odd number of stitches.

The sample shown is worked over 41 stitches in a fair isle effect yarn.

Row 1 (RS): K1, [sl1 wyif, k1] 20 times
Row 2: P2 [sl1 wyib, p1] 20 times, p1

Repeat these 2 rows.

Long Ladder and Cable Pattern

Long ladder nd cable stitch

Worked over multiple of 5 stitches + 1.

The sample shown is worked over 41 stitches

Foundation Row 1 (WS): K1 [p4, k1] 8 times
Foundation Row 2: P1 [k3, ssk, yo] 7 times, k4, p1
Foundation Row 3: K1, p4, [k into yo, p4] 7 times, p1
Row 1 (RS): P1 [C4F, p1] 7 times, k4, p1
Row 2: [K1, p4] 8 times, k1
Row 3: P1 [k4, p1] 8 times
Row 4: [K1, p4] 8 times, k1

Repeat rows 1 – 4 to desired length

Finishing Row 1: P1 [C4F, drop next st off needle, yo] 7 times, C4F, p1
Finishing Row 2: K1 [p4, k1] 8 times
Bind off and unravel dropped sts

Stitch Abbrevaitions

k– Knit
p – Purl
Sl1 wyif – slip 1 stitch with the yarn in front
Sl1 wyib – slip 1 stitch with the yarn in back
yo – Wrap the working yarn over the right needle, from front to back (counter-clockwise).
ssk – Slip 2 stitches knitwise, then knit slipped stitches together
C4F – Slip next 2 sts onto a cable needle at the front of work, k2 then k2 from cable needle

Happy knitting! x

2 thoughts on “Sunday Stitches – Woven Fabric and Long Ladder and Cable Stitch”

  1. My goodness Jem, my eye was caught by the woven fabric and stayed caught! The yarn is beautiful, can you share the brand? I have to have a go at this one, it is so straightforward! And then I get to the bit in the ladder instructions where you unravel the dropped stitches and thing ‘Woo-hoo!’ How can I resist a pattern where you are allowed to drop stitches and unravel them 🙂 I might have to spend a week or two going through all your patterns and making swatches – I’ll end up with a blanket yet! 🙂

    1. Oh yes you should defintely give the woven fabric a go. Its a nice one to do in front of the tele as it requires little concentration, however it is quite slow going. It took me 3 times as long to do this one than the cable and ladder sample! The yarn I used is Sirdar Crofter DK fair isle effect in the seagrass colorway. The cable and ladder is fun, especially the end bit where you get to unravel! x

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