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So here it is… Merry Christmas!

To everyone that reads my little blog here I would like to say a big Happy Christmas to you all! Thanks for stopping by over the year and reading my ramblings about knitting. and cats. and other random things.

Christmas in the Arrowsmith household is in full swing now – last night the presents were wrapped, the Christmas songs were playing in the background and the mulled wine quickly ‘evaporated’ ;). I love this time of year!

If you read one of my previous posts you will know the dilemma we have with putting up a christmas tree due to 3 mischievous cats intent on destroying it. But thanks to The Twisted Yarn and her wonderful knitted Christmas Tree pattern we haven’t gone without.


It’s already been batted to the floor a few times but it’s better than chasing baubles across the room and fishing them out from under the sofa!

On Monday we had our office Secret Santa present swap (Santa obviously knows me too well as he bought me wine and chocolates, thank you Santa!) We also had an office quiz. One of the rounds was a dingbat round so I thought I would share a few with you. I bet you do better than I did!

Here we go, say what you see! (Answers are at the bottom of this post)


Xmas Dingbat 5


Xmas Dingbat 3


Xmas Dingbat 1



Xmas Dingbat 4



Xmas Dingbat 2


Xmas Dingbat 6



Xmas Dingbat 7


(I have to say No. 7 had me completely stumped!)

Have a lovely Christmas one and all, see you on the other side!

Jem x

(Scroll down for answers to the Dingbats)














1) Midnight mass. 2) White Christmas. 3) Mixed Nuts. 4) Noel. 5) Peace on Earth. 6) Mince Pies. 7) Tinsel (‘t’ in ‘sel’ – groooaaann!)

7 thoughts on “So here it is… Merry Christmas!”

  1. Ok, now I feel better. I just left Pauline a note that I had lost my mind under my Christmas tree and was putting out a reward for it’s location. That word game brought me to my knees and Pauline made me feel better. I’m not alone. I like your little tree; very practical. Hope your Christmas was filled with things to bring memories for years to come. Did I remember before I lost my mind to thank you for following my blog? I’m a space cadet these days. I’m sure it will be a hard landing. 🙂

    1. Oh dear, I hope you found you mind in amongst the presents under the tree! If it’s any consolation the word game had me stumped too, until I saw the answers! I had a lovely Christmas thanks, I hope you did too. I wish you all the best for 2015 xx

      1. I had a lovey, quiet Christmas with my daughter. Wanted to drop a not to let you know your package arrived in yesterdays mail and I picked it up at noontime. I have to go out for it. It’s delightful and will send a prompt snail mail. Thank you soooo much Jem.

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