To Infinity and Beyond!

You may remember at the back end of last year I was busy trying to master the infinity / mobius cast on. You may also remember that I failed spectacularly by casting on about 20 times too many stitches and lost the slightest hint of any kind of twist.

Mobius Fail

Yep. Big fat fail. Oops! So I frogged and I persevered and eventually this happened – it flippin worked!

Mobius Cowl Jem Arrowsmith

The yarn is Fyberspates Scrumptious DK (it’s actually more of a teal colour than the blue in the photo’s) and the stitch pattern is the Roman Stripe. It’s interesting to see what a difference a lighter weight yarn / larger needles makes to this pattern – it’s really opened it out beautifully.

This was the original sample:

Roman Stripe Stitch


Roman Stripe Stitch

I’m really pleased with the end result. It’s the perfect antidote for this grey and miserable weather!

If you want to try the mobius cast on there is an excellent video tutorial by Fiona Morris here – complete with suggested stitch count 😉

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