Bears, Cowls and Pompoms!

I have had a productive knitting week so far, my lovely little Bakery Bear is coming along very nicely.


I’ve done his head, body, ears, nose and arms so just have his legs to do before I assemble him all together and make his outfit. It’s a quicker knit than I thought it would be although I am using DPN’s which can be quite fiddly on the smaller rounds (the pattern suggests using magic loop but I’m not so good at that). I’ve never made a toy before and am pleased I picked this as my first pattern as the instructions are really clear and easy to follow. Hopefully I will be able to show you the finished bear next week!

I thought I had finished my new cowl design at the weekend, I reworked the top half and blocked it but when I tried it on yesterday it still didn’t sit right.


I am happy with the lower layer as it sits really nicely at the front, but the 2nd repeat doesn’t fall naturally back on itself, so it’s back to he drawing board, I ended up ripping it back to the 18th row and I now have a new plan 🙂


And I had another set back this evening as my computer crashed. I thought I had recently saved the work I had done on the design programme I use but it turns out I hadn’t saved since Saturday night….a few choice words were uttered! Luckily I had transferred the charts over to Word as I started writing up the pattern so I can recreate them – but that’s a job for another day…

And PomPom magazine arrived yesterday! If you are unfamiliar with this publication its a quarterly magazine with gorgeous patterns, all beautifully photographed, and has some interesting articles. This quarter also features a recipe for winter cocktails – yes please!


Just look at a couple of the beautiful patterns…I think my favourite in this issue is the Art Deco inspired Turnberry by Courtney Spainhower


And this peacock feather inspired oversized scarf, Avalon Ballroom by Clare Lakewood is just too pretty for words…


My knitting wish list just got a little longer!

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