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A Visit to Festiwool!

Last weekend my friend Vero and I took a trip to Hertfordshire to check out Festiwool. Festiwool is a fairly new yarn and wool fair, I think this is its 2nd or 3rd year.

We drove through the pouring rain on Saturday morning arriving around 11am and made a plan to try and complete a circuit of the exhibition before buying anything…

There was a good selection of stalls selling every kind of yarn imaginable from brightly coloured roving to some seriously sparkly silk.

Sparkly yarn

And there were some lovely projects that caught my eye as we wandered round. Check out this adorable cat tea cosy from the Woolly Chic stall.

Wooly Chic cat tea cosy

The cute crochet gingerbread people from the Crochet Chain

The Crochet Cabin Gingerbread

And this stunning Persian tile blanket by Janie Crow

Janie Crow Perisian Blanket

One stall that really captured my imagination was Maggie Stearn and her examples of solar dyeing with natural materials.

Yarn solar dyeing

The process involves placing fibre or yarn in a jar with the dye material and mordant and leaving somewhere warm and sunny for weeks (or months) and letting nature do it’s work. Some of the examples shown were colours obtained from saffron, indigo, red cabbage, flowers and even avocado!

I was very tempted to buy a kit, but I didn’t – it’s the wrong season for sunshine here at the moment…I might give it a go next summer though!

I was also inspired by the Spin City stall with the abundance of vibrant coloured fibres and gorgeous sparkly drop spindles.

Spin City Spindes

Spinning is something I have yet to try my hand at and Louise from Spin City was only too happy to give a demonstration on how it works. It does look like fun but I resisted the urge and didn’t buy one at the time as Vero kindly offered to lend me her drop spindle to see how I get on first.

So that was a circuit completed and it was time to do some shopping! On my list of definite things to get were buttons for my Peggy Sue cardigan. A visit to the Textile Garden button stall ticked that one off.

Textile gardens buttons

I got 2 different types as I couldn’t make my mind up…I think I prefer the blue and white but then again I do like the contrast of the green…decisions, decisions….


I was also in the market for a pretty yarn bowl. Plastic tupperware bowls are all very functional but not so inspiring… I ended up buying this beautiful hand made bowl from Wendy Fowler Pottery.

I love the quirky, sketchy nature of the design.

I had seen a really handy gauge swatch and needle measurer on the Rosies Moments stall which I went back to get.

Gauge and needle measurer

And whilst I was there I also saw this amazing Christmassy yarn.

Christmas Yarn

It’s a fingering weight merino and nylon blend with added sparkle. I couldn’t resist!

I also picked up a sock kit. It came with aran weight yarn, a little project bag, 4 x 5mm dpns and a sock pattern, all for just £12! This is the yarn that I chose. I showed it to Mr. A when I got home and he really liked it so I will be making the socks for him 🙂

Aran sock yarn

My final purchase of the day was this little project bag from Watercolours and Lace. It has cats on it. I was sold.

Knitting project bag

All in all I was impressed with Festiwool, there was a great selection of stalls and interesting things to see and I came away feeling very inspired.

Note to self though,*

And speaking of yarn if you want to see some seriously lovely stash then check out Vero’s brilliant podcast Along the Lanes. This week she takes us through her amazing yarn and fibre collection, and also has fun with mixed media painting. Who would have thought bubble wrap could have so many uses!

*for now!…


6 thoughts on “A Visit to Festiwool!”

  1. Oh I wish I could have been there too – I would have been much more profligate than you with your cash. Gorgeous colour yarns, great bag ideas, miles of buttons – sigh, buttons! I LOVE that yarn bowl – I’ve never seen anything like it what a brilliant idea! It matches your cardi colour too, did you notice? I like the greeny buttons, they add an obvious point of difference to the plain blue – but the lighter blue buttons are pretty too, so whichever way you decide to go it will be fine 🙂

    1. I have to admit it was very hard to resist temptation with all the lovely things there…I’m really chuffed with the yarn bowl, I wanted something a little different and I found it, and it looks even better with the yak yarn nestling in it 🙂 I didn’t notice that it matched my cardi, I am obviously well into my blues at the moment!

      I think I am going to go with the blue buttons, much as like the green ones I think they are a bit too much of a contrast, but I’m sure I will find a home for them on something one day, they are too pretty to hide away!

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