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Christmas is Coming…

Isn’t that a great name for a yarn? Last week I shared my spoils from Festiwool which included this beauty ‘Christmas is Coming’ by Rosie’s Moments.

Christmas YarnIt’s so festive, it makes me happy every time I look at it! I have been itching to wind it up and cast something on this week, but have been super disciplined and finished my yak shawl first 🙂

Here it is ready to be blocked tomorrow.

Tibetan Cloud ShawlSo now that’s off the needles I went ahead and wound up the Christmas yarn today – see how it sparkles?

Yarn winding

Christmas yarnI have since been trawling through Ravelry looking at shawl patterns that will show off this beauty, and I just can’t make up my mind…

You will see from the pictures above that the colour changes are fast and frequent so I want something fairly simple that will let the yarn do the talking…and I have narrowed it down to these 5 designs…

Nirmilintu by Heidi Alander

Nirmilintu shawlWhat I love about this design is that the lace pattern looks like little Christmas trees 🙂 I think they may get lost in the yarn though…

Pogona by Stephen West

Pogona shawlThis shawl is such a beautiful shape and the stitch patterns will show off the yarn perfectly.

Summit by Mandie Harrington

Summit Shawl

I love, love, LOVE this stunning and unusual design! I won’t have enough yarn to make the full size wrap though so it will probably end up more of a scarf.

Miss Winkle by Martina Behm

Miss Winkle Shawl

A simple, squishy garter stitch shawl with a pretty loop edging, this could work nicely 🙂

Filigree Shawl and Scarf by Michele Bernstein

Filigree Shawl

Finally a lovely classic shawl with just the right amount of lacework. And I do love lacework…

I knit up a swatch to see how the yarn works: 15 rows of garter st, 15 rows stockinette, 1 knit row and a leafy lace pattern (please forgive the bad photo)

SwatchWhat do you think? Which pattern would you choose for this yarn?

Any suggestions will be gratefully received as I really cannot make up my mind!

Happy knitting x

11 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming…”

  1. It’s a very bright and busy festive yarn jem, and I would think any lace work might just get lost in it – the plainer styles might just suit it better. I agree with you about the Miss Winkle – and the bit of sparkle will add to the simpler style. I really like the edging on it too 🙂 Them’s my thoughts for what they are worth. xoxo

    1. Thanks for your comment Pauline, I love lacework but agree with you – it will probably get lost in this yarn. I am intrigued with the edging on Miss Winkle, I like to learn something new when I make a pattern so it would definitely tick that box!

  2. I’m with Miss Winkle too. Garter stitch usually shows off variegated yarn so well. And yes, I agree a pretty lace pattern will probably get lost. My question though is, will you get bored with all that garter stitch?

  3. Gorgeous yarn and shawl patterns Jem. Reckon you’ve chosen the right pattern to really set this off. Looking forward to seeing the end result and hope you get it done before the festivities begin.

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