A New Book and a New Sock

This weekend there has been a change of plan. I was due to attend the Makelight Photography for Knitting and Crochet workshop but unfortunately the instructor has been struck down with tonsillitis so it is going to be rescheduled.

So instead I plan to (weather permitting) get out and about with the camera and just have a play about and see what happens. I have a couple of FO’s I want to try and get some decent shot’s of too 🙂

I mentioned in my last post an upcoming trip to Iceland, so this week I have been getting busy on Pinterest, researching places to visit and being inspired by some beautiful Icelandic knits. Keen to learn more it lead me to purchasing this book from Amazon.

Icelandic Handknits

I chose this book as it includes a foreword from the Iceland Textile Museum about the history of hand knitting in Iceland and the traditions and techniques used. All of the patterns in the book have been designed by Helene Magnusson and are based on original pieces displayed in the museum (a photo and description of the original piece that inspired the designs are included with each pattern). It’s a beautiful book and I am looking forward to taking some time to read it properly over the next week.

What with the weather being somewhat on the nippy side in Iceland I am planning to make a couple of hats before we go. Mr A has requested a beanie hat and has chosen the Farm Beanie by Allison Britt.

Farm Beanie

(Photo taken from the Farm Beanie Ravelry page)

And I have chosen the stunning Norrland by Sara Burch.


And if I have time….the matching mittens!

Norrland Mittens

(Norrland photo’s taken from Ravelry)

Aren’t they just amazing?! I fear I may be a bit ambitious here, but it’s good to have goals right?

In other news, after 10 years of knitting I have just made….. my FIRST EVER sock!!

Ta daaaa!


(Forgive the rubbish photo, it’s been really dark here today and in my eagerness to share I didn’t have time to find nice light to get a decent pic – hopefully I will tomorrow!) It’s made from the Rosie’s Moments sock kit I purchased at Festiwool which came with some aran weight yarn, a set of 5mm dpns (although I ended up making them on 4mm needles), a printed pattern and a project bag. The pattern is really clear and easy to follow and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to sock knitting. I will be casting on the other one tonight and they too will be coming to Iceland 🙂

So I have plenty to keep me busy this weekend. I hope you have a lovey one whatever you get up to!

Happy knitting x

12 thoughts on “A New Book and a New Sock”

    1. Thank you! I’m really happy with it 😄 I can’t wait to cast on the hat, hopefully the yarn I’ve ordered for it will arrive very soon so I can get started!

  1. My, you are going to be just the stylish pair when you hit Iceland! I love the hat and mittens you have chosen for yourself. Did you say it was next year you were heading off? That book looks delicious – the cover shawl is most coveted! I’ve been knitting for nigh on fifty years and have yet to finish a sock! You are so far ahead of me!!

    1. We go next month…so I fear I may be a tad ambitious with the projects, I’ll probably still be knitting them on the plane!

      If you ever decide to make socks I can definitely recommend starting with an aran weight yarn – it makes for a quick, cosy and satisfying knit! I started sock #2 last night and am already halfway though 🙂

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