Shenanigans, The Month That...

January: The month that…

There is a great weekly blog series called ‘Sunday Seven’s’ devised by Threads and Bobbins. The objective is to write a weekly post on things that wouldn’t always warrant a full blog post, such as going for a nice walk, buying something special or spending time with friends and family. The series is a great way to share these little moments by posting 7 pictures of your week and letting people know what you have been up to. I really enjoy reading other blogger’s Sunday Sevens and would very much like to participate but I know what I am like and I’m just not disciplined enough for scheduled blogging. As much as I try!

So I am going to do a monthly round up instead, just of little things that fall outside of my normal knitty posts.

So here we go with January: the month that…

We Went Vinyl

I bought Mr. A a record player for Christmas (secretly it was for me too but don’t tell him that, haha!) I had some old vinyl records stashed in the loft from when I was a teenager so it was great to dust them off re-live my youth by dancing round the living room to The Smiths and Pearl Jam! A few days later on Facebook we spotted a house-clearance ad offering 3 boxes of vinyl for £35, but the only record we could make out from the picture was Queen’s Greatest Hits. So we took a gamble…

And it paid off…in amongst the soul and disco compilation albums I found these Abba 7″ singles. And I LOVE Abba 🙂


And there was even Dancing Queen – my favourite song ever… it never fails to get me up on the dancefloor! I have so many happy memories attached to this record. I felt like I had struck gold!

Dancing Queen

I went Urban Exploring

If you have read this blog before you may remember me saying about a photography course I was due to go on that got cancelled. So I made the most of my free day and headed out to practice using the camera anyway.

There is a house by the side of a road that captures my imagination every time we drive past it. To me it looks like a life size Doll’s House as it’s facade has completely crumbled away.


I have to admit to being a bit obsessed with abandoned buildings. I love watching youtube videos of urban explorers who explore forgotten sites and buildings and imagining the lives of people who lived or worked there in a time gone by.

One of my absolute favourite urban explorers is the super talented film-maker ThisisDanBell. Dan Bell has a number of series on his channel that are truly captivating such as the Dead Mall Series where he explores the most depressing shopping centres, and the Dead Motel Series which documents abandoned hotels, motels and resorts. But perhaps my favourite are the Forgotten Pocono’s films in which he explores a forgotten holiday resort in the mountains. There is one scene where he enters an old arabian themed nightclub that has remained largely untouched since the day it closed, it’s so rare to see something like that that hasn’t been vandalized. His films are truly fascinating, and I love that amongst all of the decay he will always find something beautiful or interesting to share. He is far, far braver than I will EVER be in my explorations so I am more than content to get my urbex fix by watching his films from the comfort of my armchair….just not this one!

Urban Chair

I Got Organised

For me, there is only one thing better than new yarn, and that’s new stationery 🙂 When I am working from London I love to pop into Paperchase and lust over new notepads and journals…I picked up this gorgeous To Do pad to help keep organised with projects.

To do

And a new project bag too!

Project bag

We Went to Birmingham

Every year Mr. A’s company holds an annual awards night in Birmingham. It’s something we look forward to every year as it always promises to be a great event, and this year was no exception. We travelled up on Friday night after work and met up for a few drinks with some of his colleagues and their other halves at the hotel. This then turned into going for dinner at TGI Friday’s. And the funniest thing happened…one of our party told the waitress it was Mr. A’s birthday. And not just any birthday, that it was his 50th! So the next thing we knew he was being presented with a large slab of cake, a birthday balloon and he was being sung to by the TGI crew! His little 38 year old face was a picture, haha!!

At least he got some cake out of it 😉


That night ended up being a bit of a late one that saw us crashing into bed at 4am. Oops!

On Saturday Mr. A had an all day meeting so I was left to my own devices and went for a relaxing spa, which was much needed after the previous night’s shenanigans, and I even found time for some tea and knitting in the afternoon.

Hotel knitting

Before I knew it Mr A was out of his meeting, it was time to get dolled up for the main event and head down for the cocktail reception…


Before taking our seats for dinner


It was a brilliant night and much fun was had by all. I think it’s such a lovely thing that his company does to hold these events, and as a ‘plus one’ I feel so lucky to be a part of such a great weekend.

Here’s a parting shot of Mr A and I having fun in the photobooth, hehe!

D&J Photobooth

This weekend is going to be a rather sedate affair in comparison, but I’m not complaining as I have lots and lots of lovely knitting to do 🙂

Until next time xx

20 thoughts on “January: The month that…”

  1. For those of us who enjoy the weekly round-ups but are far too undisciplined to do our own I think your idea is a really good one. Unfortunately I’m not even sure I could manage that 🙂

    You had a great looking month Jem – love your fascination with abandoned places and things! The wards night looks like a ton of fun and tuning poor Mr A 50 already must have been cause for a great deal of hilarity …………..

    I hope you will continue this post for a February round-up xo

    1. Thanks Pauline! January was a fun month and I’m hoping February will follow suit 🙂 Poor Mr A still hasn’t lived down his ‘birthday’ celebrations, it still makes me chuckle just thinking about it! X

  2. What a brilliant post, I love the idea of the month that was … it’s sometimes only when we look back that we realise just how much we crammed in LOL

      1. Of course we both spend 99% of out time crafting – so one in a blue moon we ought to let the world know we do get out there once in a while, myself I’ll be doing the food shop tomorrow, hold the front pages LOL

  3. Oh how great was January for you! Last year I did “my life in photos” weekly. One photo per day. It was great! I learned to find something beautiful every day, until depression hit me again and got pointless like everything else, but it was so much fun! Your photo booth craziness is just…. lovely crazy!!!!

    1. Yes it turned out to be a fun month! I am trying to take daily pics on Instagram but it can be hard to always find new inspiration every day…I do love looking at other peoples lovely photos though!

  4. Oh wow! Now THAT’S how to make January fun… What a stroke of luck with the records! I’m also a big fan of abandoned buildings, so I’ll definitely be checking out those videos later 😀 Pinterest is great for creepy ruin photos too! Then wrapping it all up with a fun weekend away… Perfect! I can’t wait to see what you get up to this month!

      1. Sweet! I’m “CrawCrafts”… Imaginative, eh? 😀 I think my “Ruins” board is bigger than pretty much all my other ones combined, but I can’t stop adding to it!

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