Norrland Hat and Future Socks

I have a FO to show you…

My finished Norrland Hat!

Norrland Hat

I am so pleased with the way this turned out and it was a fun knit too. The pattern is by Sara Huntington Burch and is charted and easy to follow (although I did keep having to frequently stop to untwist the yarns). For the sky I used Knit Pick’s Stroll Fingering weight yarn in the colourway Deep Waters, it varies from a dark plum purple to rich royal blue to navy. And for the trees I used Knit Picks superwash nylon in Bare.

I love it! And it’s a perfect fit too 🙂

…which is more than I can say for Mr. A’s Farm Beanie hat, I am now on my 3rd attempt at getting a good fit on this. I have changed up the yarns and am now using Cascade 220 in a worsted weight and have gone down a pattern size and needle size.

Cascade Yarns

Here is a progress shot taken at the weekend.

Farmers Beanie

I’m pleased to say I am now on the decreases. I tried it on Mr. A last night and it’s looking like a much better fit, fingers crossed it should be off the needles by the time we head for Iceland!

In my last post I showed the Helix socks that I had started, but was having a few problems with the increase method used in the pattern. The pattern wanted me to use half hitch increases but I just couldn’t get on with these and the stitches were coming out too sloppy.

Sock increases

So I frogged them and started again. Thank you to those who kindly suggested different increase methods to use. I did try the increase made by knitting into the stitch below, but because the increases are made on every round for the first few rounds I got confused with which were the ‘real’ stitches when I arrived back at the point of increase and had to pick up. I can see how this would work if there was a knit row between every increase row, it would make it a lot easier! It’s a useful one to know though and I will try it on another pattern.

I ended up reverting back to my usual increase method of kfb and the stitches looked so much neater than they did with the half hitches. I have so far knit up to the beginning of the yarn colour change…


But this project has been put on the back burner this week while I crack on with the Farm Beanie.

And I know I have only just started with the socks but it hasn’t stopped me planning my next pair from the same Two at a Time Toe Up book by  Melissa Morgan-Oakes…the pattern is called Ballet – aren’t they just beautiful?

Sock pattern

I may get round to them before the year is out!


14 thoughts on “Norrland Hat and Future Socks”

  1. Well done on the hat. I envy the socks but know myself better than to even try. I’ve divorced socks and will not remarry ever again! I like the 2 at a time idea. I’m guessing you could apply a similar technique to anything knitted that requires 2 – like sleeves or mitts.

  2. Ooooh, the Norrland looks great! I love the subtle variations in the background colour, it works so well… And I’m sure you’re glad to be nearly finished with the farmer beanie too 😀 Have you picked out your holiday knitting projects yet?

      1. Hoooraaaay! I’m sure it looks great, I really liked the simplicity of that pattern! And sock knitting is great for travelling… I brought a sock project on the plane with me the last time I went to Japan. The needles weren’t a problem at security, and it definitely made the flight go faster!

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