Shenanigans, The Month That...

April: The month that…

And yet another month flies by! April was a fun month, and although there was slow progress on any knitting it was all for good reason. So here we go, April: the month that…

We Had a Party

April was kickstarted with Mr. A’s birthday BBQ on the first bank holiday weekend. Luckily for us the sun shined for most of the day and we celebrated with friends and one or two drinks. We made a summer cocktail in our new drinks dispenser (a Christmas present from Mr. A’s parent’s) which went down very well!

Cocktail on tap

As much as I love a good party I always under estimate the amount of prep work and tidying that has to be done beforehand. As such my crafty ‘workstation’ in the kitchen had to be dismantled and temporarily boxed up to free up the kitchen table. So that meant very little knitting for a whole week! On the upside, the kitchen had never been so clean and sparkly 😉

We Looked at Lady Sheds

I have always dreamed of having my own craft room as knitting in the kitchen isn’t ideal, especially when we need the kitchen table! Add to that I have books and skeins of yarn stashed away all over the place, it would be sooo nice to have somewhere more permanent to set up station! So Mr. A and I got talking as lately he has been thinking about getting into woodwork and learning to use a lathe. Add to that that the garden is in need of a bit of a makeover and I think we may have found a solution….our very own garden log cabin studio / workshop!

This is the kind of thing we are thinking of:


It has 2 separate compartments so Mr. A can set up his lathe in the shed end and I could have my very own craft room in the pretty summerhouse end! I’m trying not to get my heart set on anything as we still have to work out the costings and our garden isn’t massive so we need to think about space, but we did go to a local dealer and have a look round some options. They even had a similar model on display so we were able to get a better feel for it.


Wouldn’t THAT be amazing! It would be small – but it would be bigger than a kitchen table 😉

I Discovered that Knitting can be Bad for the Diet

Work saw me travel up to Manchester in April and rather than drive I saw 3.5 hours on a train as valuable knitting knitting time. And boy did I knit, I cast on a sock at the beginning of the journey and managed to knit the leg and the heel flap by the time I got to Manchester Piccadilly!


However I did consume a hot chocolate, a kit kat and a chocolate cookie on my travels – I don’t think that’s any coincidence when the yarn looks good enough to eat, haha! I never saw knitting as bad for the diet before but now I’m starting to wonder…

I pretty much finished this sock on the return journey. It’s a shame the 2nd sock hasn’t been such a quick affair, it’s been over a month in the making and I have only just turned the heel!

We went to the Handel & Hendrix House

Mr. A and I do love a day out in London and as Mr. A is a keen musician and guitarist we decided to check out the Handel & Hendrix house in Mayfair. Handels house, 25 Brook Street, was opened as a museum in 2001 and showcases carefully restored Georgian period rooms on the first and second floors. More recently the space in the adjoining house number 23, has been opened up as a museum to celebrate the time Jimi Hendrix spent there in the 1960’s.

Left: Handels Rehearsal and Performance Room – Almost all his works after 1723, amongst them many of his best-known operas, oratorios and ceremonial music, were composed and partially rehearsed in the house, which contained a variety of keyboard instruments, including harpsichords, a clavichord and a small chamber organ (text taken from Wikipedia)

Right: Handels bedroom (where he is believed to have died).

Up the stairs, Jimi Hendrix’s flat used to be used as admin offices for the Handel’s House until it was opened as a museum earlier this year. The exhibition documents his time spent in London during 1968-69 when he lived there with his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham. Unlike Handel’s House there was only one room recreated to show what it would have looked like when he lived there and that was the bedroom.

Every item in the room had been sourced and curated based on photographs taken at the time of his residence. It was so well done, it almost felt as if he was going to step back into the room at any moment.

And check out this giant knitted dog bear given to him by a fan. How cool is he!

Hendrix Bear

The rest of the flat had been turned into exhibition space, full of photos, records and memorabilia of his time there. On walking out there was just a small framed newspaper cutting announcing his death – it was a very poignant end to the celebration of his short time in London.

We ‘Cooked’ Cocktails in an RV

From Mayfair we hotfooted it over to Shoreditch as we had tickets to a pop up breaking Bad themed bar in Shoreditch! If you have seen the show you may recognise this…

Breaking bad RV

At 6pm the doors opened and about 20 of us piled into the RV to begin a ‘cooking session’. We were seated at our table and instructed to put on our protective clothing…

Cocktail makers

And the cooking began!


We were given a base cocktail made with our spirit of choice (we went for gin). The first one up was a ‘505’ made with lychee, rose, maple martini and gin – but it was down to us to add the dry ice smoke infusion!

Cooking cocktails

Oh my, it was delicious!

Next up was the ‘Fly’ – gin with cranberry caviar, creme de mure, xanthum gum and a few other things I can’t recall…

breaking bad cocktailAnd this one used a whipper to infuse it with nitrogen cavitation!

breaking bad cocktails


Finally we had ‘the cocktail that changes flavour’. We were given a really sharp citrussy cocktail, so sour that it made me wince. We were instructed to take a sip and then pop the pill (the pill being a berry fruit pill that miraculously turns sour things into sweet)

Berry pill cocktail

What a difference, the cocktail tasted amazing from thereon and we could even suck the lemon wedges without pulling funny faces haha!

So that was April, it turned out to be a rather boozy affair – and a lot of fun!

I’ll be back soon with more knitty posts as the needles have been very busy of late 🙂

Have a great week whatever you get up to! x

24 thoughts on “April: The month that…”

  1. I am very taken with the decor of Jimmi’s flat – and I didn’t know he lived upstairs to Mr Handel 🙂 And the sock looks good. I’ve got yarn and I’m just waiting for the book to arrive ……

    1. The flat was really well done. Apparently Jimi didn’t know Handel had lived there when he first moved in, but when he found out he went and bought some of Handel’s records and it inspired his own music! I hope you like the book when it arrives 😄

  2. April was a wonderful month, so much happening for you. I hope you get your knitting space soon.

  3. Wow, so much fun stuff! Love the idea of the garden shed/workshop and also the Handel/Hendrix house and the Breaking Bad themed cocktail event!

  4. Good luck with the shed! It really is delightful to have a space of one’s own. Your month looked marvelous, and really, any boozy month is a good one for me! 😉

  5. I bought a lovely shed when I was studying at university – it was the only way I could get all my essay’s completed – and of course it became a wonderful crafty space when I graduated! Go for it, you won’t regret it.

    Looks as if you had a great month of fun!

    1. I bet it was great for studying, and even better now that you have it as a craft space! Fingers crossed we can make it happen – I’m already all over Pinterest looking for craft shed inspiration and ideas 🙂

  6. Forgot to mention: my husband is a woodworker as well and has a lathe, and you should encourage the habit because someday he could make you handmade knitting needles! (Or crochet hooks, or a swift…)

    1. Oh yes what a great idea! He has got himself a book and wants to make segmented vases, they look really cool but knitting needles would be so much more handy 😉 I do worry if we get the shed we will never see each other again though haha!

      1. I’ve tried to get mine to make a yarn bowl, but apparently that takes a larger lathe or something. And no, I think if you get the shed, you’ll both be out there all the time!

  7. Wow! I can’t believe another month has gone either. Only seems five minutes since I read your March one. Looks like you’ve been having a fab time. Although I do find that dog-bear a little menacing. Love the pop up Breaking Bad – my youngest has just done a 28 Days Later – I’d definitely prefer to be in your shoes than hers. The crafty summerhouse looks fab. I have lots of writer friends with writing sheds and none of them regret them – go for it!

    1. I know – I feel the same every week when I read your Sunday Seven’s, time goes by so quick doesn’t it! I am always impressed that you do an update every week, sometimes I struggle with once a month haha! We saw the 28 Days Later advertised but there was no way I was going to sign up to getting chased down the road by zombies – far too scary for me! They are doing a Dirty Dancing one this summer though which sounds brilliant, but my husband will need a bit more persuading…

      1. I spend way too much time blogging – which is the only way I keep up 🙂 Littlest loves her zombies – unlike me – her dad was really excited by the idea though and very disappointed when she said all she could remember of what was coming up was Dirty Dancing. Good luck with persuading your hubby.

  8. Oh wow, what a month! If you can fit a crafting den in your garden, definitely go for it… I’d love to have a workspace like that! But I even found that getting all my gear and books in one place (my Craft Command Centre) really helped 😀 Your days out look super-fun too – I found myself imagining what would happen if Handel and Hendrix had lived in that building at the same time… and Breaking Bad cocktails? Yes please! 🍸I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to in May!

  9. A craft room for both of you in the garden! DO IT! We started the other way around. First there was F’s garage/craft room/experiment place and then we decided to make our house on top of it! It’s great to work on our projects together! And he was a bartender for 10 years!!! His specialty? Cocktails!!!

    1. Fingers crossed we can make it happen, it would be the best! I hope your house is coming on nicely 😄 That’s so cool that F made cocktails, I love them – especially in summer! So you can knit in your beautiful craft room overlooking the sea and he can bring you cocktails? Perfect!! 😄

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