Fork Handles!

The last few weeks have been spent beavering away on module 5 of my knitting course. Last week my tutor advised that the C&G board are not letting people re-register on the crafts courses and they need to be completed within the 3 year timeframe, so I now have until May 2017 to complete the course. It sounds like loads of time but the fact is it took me over 5 months to complete module 4 and there are 12 modules in total so I need to start setting some deadlines!

The good new is I am making great progress with module 5. So far I have made my pocket and neckline samples, but there are still samples to complete for buttonholes, decorative techniques and knitting with vegetable fibres. The final part of the module is designing a fashion accessory and I am aiming to get the module finished by mid-April.

I did take a little break from knitting a few weekends ago to try another craft – candle making! Mr. A bought me this kit for Christmas.

Candle making kit

The kit came with wax pellets, candle dyes, wicks and wick rods, a fragrance and pipette, mould sealer, 4 large candle moulds and 2 floating candle moulds.

Candle making

The instructions were easy to follow and it didn’t take us long to get the moulds filled, we had a go at grading some of the colours too.

Making candles Casting candles

We left the candles overnight and here are the results….The floating candles didn’t work out so well, we used to big a skewer to make the hold for the wick and they kept filling up with water but I did manage to get this shot before it fizzled out!

Floating Candle

But the bigger candles came out a treat….

Four Candles

My favourite is the red and yellow one at the front – our attempt at grading kind of paid off!

As the blog title suggests I couldn’t help but think of the Two Ronnies Four Candles sketch as I took this photo. In case you haven’t seen it it’s a classic British comedy sketch, and it always makes me giggle!

Happy knitting! x