A Mobius Fail, a Knitting Group and New Needles!

It’s been a busy week this one but I have still found time to whip out the needles when I can. My mobius cowl didn’t turn out quite to plan, I cast off at the weekend but it soon became clear that I had cast on far too many stitches and after 2 hours of binding off I was left with a cowl that hit the floor when I put in on! I thought it was a bit too thin just before I ran out of yarn and cast off but I convinced myself all would be ok. But it went from this…

Mobius Cowl

….to this! I may be smiling here but inside I was preparing myself for the frog! Oopsy!

Mobius Fail

So anyway, frog I did and recast on with a lot less stitches. Fingers crossed for attempt no.2!

I am really happy this week as I have found a local knitting group 🙂 Through the powers of Ravelry I found out that there was a group not to far from me, so on Weds evening I packed up my newly cast on cowl and headed down to meet some fellow knitters. There were only 3 of us knitters on this occasion, plus 2 other halves but everyone was lovely and I felt lucky to have met some local like-minded knitterly people.

I have also had a few ‘presents’ through the door this week. During the recent knitting weekend in Ammerdown I was introduced to some 6″ knit pro needles, perfect for swatching! I ordered some from the Knitting4fun website just to try them out. A perfect size for handbags, they are going to be brilliant for knitting swatches on the go.

Speaking of handbags, one of the ladies at Ammerdown was in possession of this little beauty, the Thames Knitting Bag . This is so on my Christmas list!!

Thames Knitting Bag

I also ordered a fixed Addi Lace needle after hearing some good reviews. I have yet to try it out though.

The other purchase was a Fair Isle knitting book.

Fair Isle Book

So I have lot’s to keep me going. Plus this weekend I really need to knuckle down and finish module 4 of the C&G course. After stalling for so long and seeing what is coming up in the next module I have set myself the deadline of the end of November to complete it. And now I have said it, it has to happen!