Farewell 2013!

I am actually quite sad to say goodbye to 2013 as for me it has been a wonderful year. I became a Mrs, spent quality time with friends and family and had some lovely trips along the way. All in all, it’s been fantastic and if 2014 is even half as good I will count myself very lucky.

Throughout 2013 I have been steadily knitting, learning new techniques and developing ideas – there has been a lot of frogging and a little bit of swearing along the way but overall I am really happy with the progress that I have made on my knitting adventures. In April I finished the 2nd module of the C&G course, which explored the theme of ‘lines’ and learning different techniques to create patterns.

From May – July I took a break from the course to do some wedding knitting. One of the ideas that I had was to knit little purses for all the ladies as favours. This was a great way to do some stash busting and also try out some new patterns. Here are a few of the purses I made.



I also made some little lovebirds and roses for the card holders.



It was an amazing day and I loved every second!

Once back from honeymoon I started on the 3rd module of the course which looks at shaping in knitting and different stitch patterns. I was hoping to finish this module over Christmas but as usual I have got sidetracked…

Another highlight of 2013 was finally taking the plunge and starting this blog. I have always loved reading other peoples craft blogs and seeing some of the lovely things that people make – it never fails to amaze me how a simple ball of yarn can be transformed! I started with the intention of updating every week, and there have been a few times where it has slipped due to work and life but I don’t think I have gone more than 2 weeks without updating so far. If nothing else it’s nice to look back and also a great way of recording what you have achieved.

Finally, in my last post I shared my free Alonni Hat design which I published on Ravelry. I am so pleased with this as on last check I had achieved 155 downloads!! I can’t believe that 155 people have downloaded my pattern – if you have downloaded and are reading this I just want to say a huge thank you!

DSC05419 (2)

So what will 2014 bring? For starters, over the past few weeks I have been beavering away at a pattern idea I have had for a laceweight wrap. It’s a huge project for me as I have never tackled a laceweight shawl before and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit daunted. But I do like a challenge… I think I have finally got the overall pattern to a point where it makes sense and I have been working on a couple of samples to check it all works. This will be my ongoing project for a while and I will be posting regular updates on progress.

Thanks once again for stopping by, I wish everyone a very happy and crafty 2014!