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Bonjour Paris!

Not so long ago my husband and I spent a magical weekend in Paris. We caught the Eurostar early on Friday morning and by midday we were checking into our hotel.

We stayed at the Opera de Noailles, situated near the Opera House. We chose this hotel mainly due to the great reviews on Trip Advisor and we weren’t disappointed. Not only is the central location perfect (10 min walk to the Louvre) but the hotel is full of interesting pieces of modern art such as:

The turtles behind the reception desk

Opera de Noailles Paris

The snails in the main lobby

Opera de Noailles Snail

And the group of bears in the courtyard which became more and more sinister as daylight faded!

Opera de Noailles Bears


Our room was small but very clean, it was ideal for us as we spent most of the weekend out and about.

One of the places we visited was the Les Catacombs, which I have to say I was a bit apprehensive about at first. The catacombs are a series of disused quarries that run deep under the centre of Paris. In the late 18th Century, due to overcrowding and disease it was decided to transfer the bones of those buried in the city centre graveyards down to the mines; the tunnels hold the remains of as many as 6 million Parisians.

The way the bones have  been displayed and arranged makes for a pretty strange experience. I have to say I am glad that we did visit as it was unlike anything I have ever seen before, but I’m not sure I would rush back to do it again.

Paris Catacombs


In the evening we took a wander down to the Notre Dame and the Seine.

Notre Dame

The Seine Paris


It was late when we got back to the hotel and unfortunately the bar was shut so we couldn’t have a drink with the bears! On the Saturday we headed over to the Louvre to check out this little lady.

Mona Lisa

The Louvre is such an amazing, inspirational place. Everywhere you turn there are opulent halls lined with exquisite pieces of art. It really is something else. It also made us want to watch the Da Vinci Code again!

The Louvre


The only thing that I really wanted to see that we didn’t get chance to was a Surrealist exhibition at the Pompidou Centre – we just ran out of time. However, some of the artwork back in the hotel could have given the surrealists a run for their money!

Opera de Noailles art

I also really liked this chair – the jacket on the back was made up of strips of paper but you couldn’t tell until you got up really close.

Opera de Noailles

And check this out – the hotel has a really unique way of displaying it’s thank you notes!

Opera de Noailles Thank you

It really was a great weekend and I hope we can go back again soon – 2 days really isn’t long enough to explore this beautiful city.