Introducing Rubin’s Vase & the Cafe Wall!

So I have FINALLY got round to publishing my first ever patterns on Ravelry – yay!!

They are two cushion covers inspired by popular optical illusions.

First up we have ‘Rubins Vase‘ – the illusion of 2 faces or a vase, depending on which way you look at it.

DSC05323 (2)

And secondly ‘Cafe Wall‘ – the illusion in which straight lines appear to be bent!


These designs can be used together  to make up 1 cushion cover or the back of each can be knitted in stockinette to the measurements given.

Both designs came about when I was researching into designers as part of the C&G course. I chose to write my report on Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer of Woolly Thoughts as I was fascinated by their illusion knitting – a process whereby raised stitches are used to create hidden images when viewed at an angle. From there I started look at other well known optical illusions and that’s how these 2 designs came about 🙂