The Big Felt – Follow Up

It’s been a couple of weeks since I dipped my toe into the world of felting and I am pleased to say that I am really happy with the results of my shrunken cable bag. I wanted to post an update right away but then decided to wait until I could show the finished article, lining and all 🙂

The actual felting worked really well in the washing machine. The fibres of the wool have all melted together and although I have lost all stitch definition, the lovely cables are still there in full glory.

Determined not to lose momentum this time I splashed out on some gorgeous fabric for the lining. I used Novella – Peony in Scarlett by Valerie Wells for Free Spirit. I bought mine from my LYS but it is also available on Etsy here. Its a lovely fabric with a bold red flower pattern on a light beige background which gives it a ‘vintagey’ look.


Now for the tricky part. I am not a sewer and I was not looking forward to the lining part, but I was determined to finish this bag once and for all! It took me a week of looking at the lovely fabric to taking the scissors to it. I have to confess I brought in the assistance of the sewing savior that is wonderweb to help create shape and hold everything together while I pinned it, but I got there…after 2 evenings of hard graft, sore fingers and a little bit of swearing…I did it, I finally finished! And here it is…




I am so pleased with the results. And even though it was meant to start life as a laptop bag all is not lost…

DSC05589 (2)

And it even gets approval from Pea too!