I just love cats!

One of my favorite youtube videos is the one of Debbie, the internet dating crazy cat lady who just loves cats. It never fails to amuse me – if you haven’t seen it and you fancy a giggle you can check it out here

At the risk of sounding like said crazy cat lady I just had to share with you my latest knitting treats. As you know I am very slowly working my way through a lace intensive wrap called Spring Haze and my need for stitch markers has never been greater. I was perusing Etsy a few weeks ago as I wanted something a little more interesting than the standard plastic markers, as great a job as they do they are, well, just a bit dull.

And so I came across ‘Weeones Creations’. Oh my goodness, where to start! Jillian at Weeones makes the most incredible polymer clay stitch markers. Pretty much every animal you can think of has been miniaturized and hand sculpted into the cutest little character and the level of detail captured is amazing. I couldn’t resist and placed my order for some little cats. Because I love cats.

They arrived today!

DSC05617 (2)


Aren’t they just the most adorable things you have ever seen?



I think the one playing with the ball of yarn is my favorite. He looks like a teeny tiny version of my cat Mr.Pea.


One even has a little mouse…

DSC05619 (2)

And just look at the level of detail, they have little paw prints!

DSC05651 (2)


Here they are in action



I can’t wait to get cracking on with Spring Haze this evening 🙂

There is also a really interesting article on the Etsy blog where Jillian talks about quitting the day job to start her own business which you can read here. Inspiring stuff.