Hello and welcome to my knitting website! Here you will find links to my knitting patterns, see what’s on the needles, you can try out some stitch patterns and also keep up with all the latest knitty (and sometimes travel) adventures in my blog.

I have been knitting for over 10 years, and over the last couple of years I have been dipping my toe into the wonderful world of knitting design. I am also undertaking a City & Guilds course in Hand Knit Textiles (albeit far too slowly).

On top of that I am a yarn hoarder, tea drinker, biscuit eater and lover of sunshine, wine and cats. So grab yourself a cup of tea (or wine), your latest WIP and come join me in my world of needles and yarn.

J x

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you so much for liking my charity knit post I made on my attempt to start a blog 🙂 Yours looks cool!, Where did you get those needles from btw?

    1. You’re welcome, I thought the catnip toys were a great idea 🙂 My friend brought me the needles for my birthday but no idea where she got them from, I will have to ask her!

  2. Hello Jem, what a wonderful blog you have! The tales of your journeys are amazing, I am so envious! I would love you to knit me a beanie 😉 Ps- I also love cats! Thanks for the follow!

    Young and Hungry xxx

    1. Thanks Natalie, your blog is great too, you have some lovely recipes! I am trying to get better at cooking and look forward to trying out your chilli chicken, yum! xx

  3. Thank you for the follow, Jem. I am I awe of anyone working in textiles, possibly because I married someone who does – the Textiliste of my blog is currently in her 3rd year of a Textile and Design degree at the John Cass. So well done!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Likewise I am in awe of anyone who can write a novel, I just wouldn’t know where to start! I have downloaded your book and look forward to reading it, especially after reading the rave reviews 🙂

      1. Blimey.. Gulp *swoons* you are really too kind. Believe me a novel is a doddle compared to your work. My wife is currently weaving and seeing the patterns she creates and occasionally helping her string the loom makes me humble…

  4. Nice blog, would have liked to comment on your lovely post, but there is no comments section that I could find! so posted here.

    I am interested in your city and guilds who are you affiliated with?

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