A Post About Knitting. And Cats.

I had set myself a deadline to finish my C&G module by end of November and I am tantalizingly close to the end, just a few more colour samples to knit and a bit of typing to do…but I have to admit defeat and push my deadline back a couple of weeks. Meh. The last couple of weekends have been really busy seeing friends and family and this weekend the wonderful Mr. A has announced that he is whisking me off to London. And who am I to argue with that?!

For some reason I find it hard to work on the course in the evenings, I think I need to be in the ‘zone’, which I find so much easier to get into at the weekend. Mr. A doesn’t argue with my need to knit at weekends, he is a keen musician so it means he gets to retreat to his man cave studio and work on his projects too. It’s a happy balance!

During the week I work on stitch samples, ongoing projects and designs. One ongoing project I have yet to cast off the rework of the mobius cowl I seem to have been working on forever.

Mobius cowl WIP

Only 4 more rounds to go though and it’s already twice as wide as it was before so that’s a good sign surely….I did the rework in the Roman Stripe stitch I posted about on Sunday.

I have also been inspired by the wonderful blogging community this week. Firstly, if you haven’t read the Contented Crafter’s recent post on Sharing the Love, you really should. It’s a wonderful and thought provoking post on just how powerful the blogging community can be. Pauline offers the chance to take part in two random act’s of kindness and it’s so inspiring that my next project is going to be dedicated to one of them. At the moment my work is taking me to London a few days a week and thanks to Ravelry I have found the perfect project for this that will accompany me on the commute.

I have also been inspired by the Twisted Yarn’s wonderful Christmas Trees. Living in a house with 3 cats it’s not feasible to put up a real tree as it will just get demolished so I have decided to knit one. It will probably still get batted over by curious paws but it’s a risk I am willing to take! Today I went to my LYS and stocked up on supplies.


Speaking of the devil’s please let me introduce you to ‘they who like to sit on anything knitted’ – Micicles (Mike the small one), Pea (the great big doofus) and the sinister grumpster herself…Moomins (The Mooms).

Mike and PeaThe Mooms

These 3 are the reason why we can’t have a big Christmas tree, however it doesn’t stop me dreaming….


4 thoughts on “A Post About Knitting. And Cats.”

  1. I was just about to leave the computer and make a start on the housework and this popped in ….. and how glad am I that I stayed!! It was the cats at first – and what characters they look to be! My old tabby girl who left us about seven years ago was named Moofin – partly because being a feral kitten who adopted me, she was quick to draw her claws and one of the first things she ever did was lay open my friends nose with them when the poor woman turned to pet her on the back of her chair …… Being unnamed at the time and whilst various expletives were being hurled, amongst them ‘Little moo!’ and ‘You fiend!’ somehow we all heard ‘Moofin’ and it stuck. Mostly she was called Moofy and over the years she became calmer and more trusting but only ever loved me, no one else was quite her cup of tea 🙂 Your Moomin made me think of her.

    I am so glad you were inspired to create something special for one of the RAK’s – that has quite made my day 🙂 I love seeing how this thing is spreading out and involving people who don’t necessarily know Marlene or Fran, but who are willing to take part anyway. Thank you so much for linking in and spreading it further xoxo

    I am hanging out to see the mobius cowl finished – I love the yarn you are using, it is my favourite colour! But your fabulous Mr A is whisking you away – who are we to argue with that!! Have fun!

    1. How funny, they sound very similar in name and in character! The Mooms is quite the wild one too and quick to draw her claws. It’s funny though as when people come round she is their best friend and jumps on their lap, purring away. We have to warn people though as when she has had enough she turns and the claws come out without warning! It’s an interesting dynamic between them all, The Mooms was my cat before I met my husband, and he had Mike and Pea so we had to introduce them. I wouldn’t say they all get on and there are lots of cat politics, but it is quite amusing to watch them figure it out!

      I am looking forward to casting the next project inspired by your good self, although I have to finish the cowl first or I know it will stay stuck in my project bag for months. I had every intention of cracking on tonight but this blogging malarkey is so addictive isn’t it! Anyway, only 4 more rows to go – the end is in sight…

      I am very excited about the weekend, all I know is that we have to be in London by 2.30pm and I have to wear shoes I can walk in, haha! x

      1. Blogging – addictive? Yes! I still haven’t got to the house cleaning part yet….. I love watching my two boys working things out – it’s all down to the cat and how he feels about the day and poor old Siddy gets sucked in to all kinds of trouble.

        Walking in London sounds like fun – I hope you’ll share something of your weekend. I haven’t been in London since 1992! Enjoy, enjoy!!

      2. Aw, cat’s are great aren’t they – always up to mischief! Thank you, I can’t wait – I love days out in London, it’s one of my favorite places! x

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